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Three Most Expensive Logo Changes:

A company’s logo is a mark, symbol or emblem that helps its users to identify the brand or company. A brand’s identity is one of the key features that attracts the customer towards it and this is the reason it is important to have right logo design for your company. Logo helps to break the linguistic barriers and that’s the reason why everyone is aware of the top brands like Nike, Pepsi and MacDonald. The companies are driven to provide the best value to their consumers and invest millions and billions of dollars in advertising, building brands image and to portray this in the brand’s logo. Here are the three most expensive logo designs ever paid by their companies.

1. Symantec Brand and Acquisition:

According to the data, Symantec paid as much as $1,280,000,000 or $1.28 billion on the logo and the branding. However, you will get a clearer picture if you have all the facts straight. Symantec made the acquisition of VeriSign. They did not just gain the company’s ideas and resources, but also their famous check mark logo which they have used effectively in their logo. You might have seen this tick mark for the authentication of security certificated (SSL) for websites. Symantec use the logo wisely and it shows trustworthiness in the brand. But still, that’s a very high cost for such a change.

2. British Petroleum Logo:

A series of mergers and acquisitions made this company the third largest oil company in the world. Since they started investments in the solar power and alternative energy, they thought to rebrand themselves and hired Landor Associates for the same. BP’s new vision was “Beyond Petroleum” that incarnated in the new logo very mindfully. Landor created The Helios (Greek god of Sun) was a stylized flower symbolizes sun’s energy and the colors reflect the brand’s sensitivity towards environment. This simple though expensive move made BP claimed the stake of leading the energy provider. This costs the company a whopping $210 million and make it the 2nd most expensive logo till date. Nevertheless, there is some marketing cost involved in this too, but it still holds the title.

3. Accenture Logo:

Accenture Consultancy holds the 3rd position in spending blind money to build its brand identity. Accenture paid as much as $100 million for their logo. Accenture is a multinational technology service, management consultancy and outsourcing company. The company was forced to change its name in 2000, when Andersen Consulting company terminated their contract with Andersen accounting group and the consulting company. The amazing work was again done by Landor Assosiates. The logo was simply replaced by name Accenture in small case with an accent mark above it that symbolizes “accent to the future”. The expense was worth it because the is a big hit and now the logo is instantaneously recognized in the industry.

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