Why Nike is the Market Leader?

Nike is a multinational corporation engaged in design, development, manufacturing and sales of the footwear, apparel, accessories, equipment and services. Nike, established in the United States, is the world’s leading brand in athletic footwear and apparel, as well as the world’s most valuable sports business brand. It leads the market with an astonishing 46% in athletic footwear sales and approximately 33% of the sports apparel sales. Nike was $8.9 billion US ahead in terms of sales of Adidas and Puma combined.

Nike’s advertisement strategy is the game changer towards its market share acquisition. Nike is not a selling product, its selling emotions, and this is what they reflect everywhere, from their brand name, logo, tagline to their advertisement campaigns and promotional events. The brand name “NIKE” is the name of the Greek goddess that symbolizes victory. The Swoosh logo that was designed in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson conveys fluidity, motion and speed. The core component of the Nike brand is its tagline that says “JUST DO IT”, which represents Nike as a brand that cater goal-driven individuals. Now you are getting to the point of Nike selling emotions.

The use emotional branding strategies is the utmost important factor in Nike advertisement campaigns. Nike generally performs its marketing activities or promotions with different sports celebrities, high profile athletes and professional sports teams and clubs. The company million-dollar deals with the famous players from NBA such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James and from FIFA World Cup football players like Neymar Jr. and Claudio Marchisio. Nike promotes its products by creating a memory effect in the minds of the target consumers that trigger brand recall.

 The most interesting part in its marketing campaign is the advertisements that it makes to target the emotions of its current and potential customers. If you have ever noticed the way Nike designed its advertisements, you will find that the target was never a product. It is a feeling to go one step ahead, to not have limits and to “Just do it”. Just by writing I’m feeling inspired. So, think how powerful these advertisements and ad campaigns actually are. Targeting the emotions of the customers make an impression on their minds and let them choose Nike over any other. Now you understand why you also urge to buy Nike and not having a second thought buying it.

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