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Things to Know About Gaming Industry

Gaming industry, being one of the most interesting, developing and innovative sectors in world, is highly underestimated be in terms of people engagement, networking, technology developments and last but not the least, in its market capitalization. Gaming industry is not only the part of entertainment industry, but you would be surprised to know that more than 2 billion people around the globe are engaged in gaming as a source of entertainment. That means approximately 1 in every 4 person is involved with gaming industry and this industry is never a hot topic in terms of opportunities.

How big the gaming industry actually is?

The industry that started with simple joy sticks to play Packman and Ping-Pong games has turned to mobile, pc, console gaming and virtual & augmented reality. The gaming industry alone today is worth more than $200 Billion US and is constantly pushing its boundaries in terms of technology, innovation and entertainment. This industry showed a growth of more than 10% for the years 2016-17 and 2017-18 and is rising rapidly after that. The gaming industry is worth more than the International Box Office industry ($101 Billion US) and the Music industry ($55 Billion US) combined and has a great potential to grow more. Tencent, Sony and Apple are some of the major players in video gaming industry, generating billions of dollars of revenue every year.  

What are the career opportunities in gaming sector?

People have a wide range of opportunities (but not limited to) in the gaming industry, like to be a video game designer, animator and programmer. The job not only allows you to use your creative minds to make the best outcome, but also pays you a handsome sum ranging from $70,000 US to $120,000 US and more annually. Further, if you are a pro gamer, you could be hired by different gaming industry and they will happily pay to you ranging from $1,000 US to $15,000 US monthly. The companies do this to get the experiences of the pro gamers to make necessary changes before launching the game in the market. What’s more fun than getting paid for playing games!

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