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Dominos Marketing Strategy Backfired

Domino’s is an American multinational pizza restaurant chain that was started in 1960. Soon the pizza making company became a great hit. More than 200 stores were opened by 1978, 1000+ by 1983 and there were 5000 Domino’s store in 1989. Today, Domino’s own 17,800 stores globally. Domino’s logo looks like a semi-realistic red domino and three dots on the logo depicts Domino’s original three location. They decided to add a dot for every new outlet but this was not possible with their exponential growth.

In August 2018, Domino’s Pizza launched a marketing campaign in Russia where they offered the people to give 100 pizzas for free for a year for 100 years, if you get a Domino’s Pizza’s logo tattooed on your skin and post it on social media with a hashtag #DominosForever. The company thought that Domino’s will get promoted through people carrying the Domino’s logo on their skin and the company thought that this won’t attract many people and decided to run the campaign for 2 months straight. But clearly, this deal was once in lifetime opportunity for many people.

The company’s marketing strategy backfired as soon as they saw an amazing response of the Russian public. People started sharing the photos of getting brand’s tattoo on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. After a great response by people, Domino’s clarified that only first 350 people to post the tattooed images would get free pizzas and they started implementing conditions, which were not clarified earlier, like tattoo should be minimum of “2cm” and “tattoo should be on the visible parts of the body”. Even the participants were over 350, people still didn’t stop to post pictures of their tattooed bodies on social media.

This campaign was supposed to run for a period of 2 months, but the overwhelming response of people pushed the company to end this campaign in just 5 days. This is one of the examples of the failed marketing campaigns of such a huge profit-making company. But still, this campaign brings Domino’s brand in spotlight as people started reading about this marketing failure and even they are getting negative publicity, they were getting promoted anyway.

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