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A 100 Million Dollar Idea

It is vey difficult in today’s generation to type your exact feelings and emotions without the use of emoticons. These are universal and are beyond all language barriers. Surprisingly, emoticons have come long way from the time the first ever smiley was designed, to the to the present-day emoticons and avatars that can be designed on our own. And yes, this idea is worth more than $130 million US and you would be amazed to know the story behind it.

In 1971, Franklin Loufrani editor of France-Soir designed a smiley face and use it to highlight happy news stories in his newspaper. Soon he started realizing that the smiley started to become a part of every product including t-shirts, pins, cushions and gained much needed attention. He officially registered the smile or the smiley symbol for commercial use in 1972. The company manufactures a variety of goods with the smiley as their logo to date.

This is the story behind this multi-million company. Also, have you ever noticed why the color of emoticons is always yellow and why they are always bald. There are two explanations for the same. Some said that people try to maintain the style of the creator Harvey Ross Ball, who first created the smiley face. On the other hand, some are convinced that the baldness helps the reader to understand and focus more on the emotions and yellow color sooths the human eye than any other color shade. Imagine someone sending you a green or blue colored smiley face. Weird right!

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6 thoughts on “A 100 Million Dollar Idea

  1. This is Very informative,bhaiyaa. Nowadays emotions are really a crucial part of life, and yet we were unaware of the amazing history behind them. Keep up the good work bhaiyaa. 🙂🤗🤗

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