The Additional 2i’s cost $13 US Million to Red bull

You might be quite familiar with the tagline, “Red Bull gives you wiiings”. Yes, of course, this energy drink company has been established since 1987 and has sold more than 7.5 billion cans in 2019. But have you ever wondered, why there are 3i’s in the word ‘Wiiings’ in its tagline? Or was it always like that? This is a $13 US million story that you will love hearing about.

This is a brand known for the strength or the energy one could get by drinking one Can made up of added sugar and caffeine, but turns out this energy drink doesn’t give you wings after all. The slogan of the company “Red bull gives you wings” lasted for more than 20 years since its establishment until one of their US customers, Benjamin Careathers, sued the company for promoting false advertisement who believed that the slogan is false and misleading. He argued that even after drinking Red Bull for more than 10 straight years he neither has wings, nor his athletic performance was improved. 

The claims were, if the settlement is approved this would put the company to compensate every customer who had purchased even a single can of Red Bull in the past 10 years and they would be receiving approximately $11.4 US or two free Red Bull products. The customer just needs to fill up a form to have their claim and on the top of that no proof was needed, just you have to remember if the purchase made between 1 January,2001 and 3 October,2014.

According to the consumer court documents filed in New York Federal Court, this energy drink company Red Bull has agreed to pay out a compensation of $13 US million for the settlement of the law suit started by an upset customer Benjamin who believes that company is promoting false advertisement to sell its products. Then the company decided to change its tagline and thus the additional 2i’s are added in its tagline and it became “Red Bull gives you Wiiings”. Even though this sound exactly same as the previous one, but technically there is no similar word in the dictionary and hence no one can be sure of the meaning of this phrase. Thus, the additional 2i’s cost $13 US million to the company.

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