Change in Amazon Application Icon

We are well aware of the role the corporate giants play in our daily lives. One of them is Amazon that has made our lives so easy that just by a click we have what we need. The app icon of Amazon consists of its amazon logo on a white background and a cart on a blue background that simply depicts your online shopping cart. The amazon logo is made up of its name written with an arrow that looks like a smile. On the top of it, that smile starts from the letter “a” and ends at letter “z” in amazon which signifies that you could buy almost anything to everything from this online shopping site, and that is actually true. Thus, the Amazon not only has a very compelling logo but also serves the purpose to provide the maximum satisfaction to its customers by providing the best service.

Having the same app icon from more than past 5 years, Amazon has changed its app icon in January 2021 to a strip of a blue tape over an Amazon smile logo on a brown background that symbolizes the amazon boxes the company send to its customers. But, to some people on social media the blue tape on the Amazon’s new app icon started appearing like toothbrush moustache of the German dictator, Adolf Hitler. However, Amazon responds very quickly to the customers feedback and quickly changed the design to a folded blue tape. One of the spokespersons of the company said that they design the new logo to spark anticipation, excitement and joy when the customers start their shopping journey on the phone, just as they do when they see our boxes at the doorstep.

Since I’m a bit short of words, I’d like to tell you about how the idea of starting the amazon came to Jeff Bezos mind. In his first ever interview, Jeff Bezos said that he working for quantitative hedge funds in New York city when he came across the startling statistics of web usage. He found out that the web usage is going up by 2300% per year. So, he thought to develop a business model that fit in this growth context and he decided to sell books online. Soon, he added 20 different products as his sale rise. This small idea has a great impact on entire world and led to the formation of $1.8 US trillion company.

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